MP3: Project Name (Heading 1)

Team name or student names and affiliations (listing student names is optional)
Link to Github

Overview (Heading 1)

An overview of your mini-project with pictures and embedded YouTube video.

Idea Brainstorm (Heading 1)

A bullet-point list of the artifacts and ideas you had for this assignment. Describe the original product/aritifact with a link to the product online (if possible) and describe your 'remake' idea in a few sentences. You should have at least five bullets.

Selected Artifact Description and Breakdown (Heading 1)

Describe your selected artifact, its physical materials, and the electronics. Include multiple annotated pictures with the original parts labeled.

Materials and Parts (Heading 1)

A table with estimated costs of your materials and parts and links to the source material at an online store such as,,, etc. The last row should provide the total cost. Please also include the cost of the original product; if you already owned it, list 'FREE.' If you bought it secondhand (e.g., from EBay, Value Village), list the used price. If you bought it new, link to the product online and include its retail price.

Describe the Part's Role In Your Project
Total Cost
Arduino Uno R3
The main brains of our project that interfaces the sensors with our computer and performs some simple onboard signal processing
Used to control game character's speed with flashlight
Force sensitive resistor
Used four instrumented on chair to control game character's movement (up, down, left, right) by moving in your seat
Translucent Breadboard
Used to connect components
Wiring, resistors, & other basic materials
Used to hook everything up


Please also include some before and after images that shows off your remade artifact 'before' and 'after.' The example below just shows you what I'm looking for in terms of annotations (it does not show before and after shots).


Schematic (Heading 1)
One or more diagrams demonstrating how to hook-up your remade circuit. You can make this in PowerPoint, Visio, or a diagramming tool like Fritzing.

Challenges (Heading 1)

A bullet pointed list of the main challenges you experienced while working on the mini-project. Did you overcome them? How?

Future Work Ideas (Heading 1)

How could your system be improved? Did you think of features you wanted to add but ran out of time? This can be a bulleted pointed list or 1-2 paragraphs.

Thoughts about Project (Heading 1)

This is a bit of a meta-section: what did you think of the project overall? what did you learn? This can be a bulleted pointed list or 1-2 paragraphs.

Links to Inspirations, Code Libraries, and Code Samples (Heading 1)

A bullet pointed list with links to the inspirations you had for this project along with code libraries and code samples you used/remixed.

References (Heading 1)

If you have other references, please list them here in a numbered list.