The HCIL Hackerspace

In the class, we will be relying extensively on the HCIL Hackerspace, which I founded in 2012 to help support activities like 838f and interactive physical computing research projects.

A Quick Visual Tour of the HCIL Hackerspace

Getting to the HCIL Hackerspace

The HCIL Hackerspace is in the HCIL, which is in the Hornbake Library, South Building (about a 7-minute walk from AVW). One cool aspect of the HCIL is that faculty, students, and labspace are all within the same shared area. In addition, because HCI research is inherently interdisciplinary, my HCIL colleagues span many fields from the iSchool and Education to Psychology and Journalism.


Getting Access to the HCIL Hackerspace

This past summer, my students and I along with three research assistants from a local high school built a custom access control system for the Hackerspace using a magnetic card stripe reader, an old Arduino tablet, an electro-mechanical door strike, and a Raspberry Pi. I'll go over getting access to the Hackerspace in class.

HCIL Hackerspace Resources

The HCIL Hackerspace has a plethora of tools and components for making new types of interactive experiences and combining materials and computation in novel ways. An overview of these resources will be given in class.